Our Mission

Imagine a brand that is synonymous with authenticity in terms of its products and that of its corporate culture ... It is possible with BARAZIN !

Our goal is to earn your trust by designing unique products that focus on quality and innovation. Whose originality is undeniable, both in terms of design, choice of materials, manufacturing and service, while offering an authentic experience.

Welcome to our world , welcome to BARAZIN .


Our Values



Technology and materials: Our originality is matched by our audacity ! Enriched by many trips and in-depth technical knowledge in manufacturing, we use without hesitation the best technology .

We even transform certain technologies in order to improve the finished product. Our thirst for learning has also enabled us to build relationships with several suppliers of materials of unparalleled quality .

Adaptation and functionality: 

Who says design , says adaptation to its environment. In addition to designing products of exceptional aesthetics, we always think about the use you make of it ! Forms , assembly, handling, choice of materials, we see how it will fit in when using our products. We put ourselves in your skin ... we test , seeking the best possible combination for you , so that our products are beautiful, practical, functional and safe .

Aesthetics : 

Refinement, beauty, modernity , simplicity and authenticity ... these guide our design. Greatly inspired by European design , mainly Italian, we strive to deliver products of purity and a remarkable aesthetics.


Recognizing that to be the vanguard of design , we must think outside the box , so it is with an open mind as we discuss special projects.




Our propensity to be original sets us apart from the masses ! That is why we always try to push the limits of our imagination to bring you authentic products. We do not hesitate to explore new avenues by offering several new features. We even find inspiration in partnering with fashion, industrial and graphic designers who are recognized in their respective fields.

Research and curiosity

Our research and curiosity feed us fresh ideas . Indeed, as travelers and explorers, what we find, we bring back to study , test and refine. We are driven by curiosity, we want to transform, understand , improve and evolve.


We pay attention to details , because we know that this is what distinguishes a brand and a genuine product. We also take care of our working environment to deliver a product to the task.

Sustainability and Ecology

Our vision coincides with the manufacturing of a product that can last for years and can be recovered , recycled and reused , through rich and durable materials such as aluminum and glass.




When you deal with us , you can relax ... We build trusting relationships with all stakeholders in the company. When the concepts of security , insurance and reliability come into play, we know that this opens the way for a mutual appreciation . It is the cement that seals the most durable and most successful relationships .

Control and reliability

It is in this spirit of trust and social responsibility that we decided to keep our production facility in Quebec and to surround ourselves with quality suppliers . This strategy allows us to meet the delivery and effectively control production, while delivering products that meet the requirements of our customers and also ensuring a superior quality control .

Customer orientation and quality

Always in customer service, we know that to be the best , we must offer what is the best! If something bothers you , we will answer you with pleasure and will do everything we can to remedy the situation . We believe this type of intervention is an opportunity for us to grow . We also remain true to our roots : a family business with a great attention to detail and human relations . It is around this idea that navigates our culture!


We aim high ! following standard is not enough! In your buying process, you always compare in order to get the best selection at the best price. That is why we want to become a model , a comparison criterion , offering superior quality. To do this, we surround ourselves with the best long-term partners .


We can accomplish anything with passion! We grow our appetite to learn more and go further! We have a real passion for our projects! To do that , we surround ourselves with passionate people like you who will allow us to push our limits .


OUR HISTORY....your beginning

BARAZIN brand and division was founded by Nicolas in 2004. His idea was inspired and conceived during a return trip from Europe. Today, he continues to guide his business with leadership, inspiration and innovation.   

We are now one of the largest manufacturers in North America of architectural glass and aluminium. Nicolas has built this company on his ideals and passion; a company that embraces enduring partnerships with long term planning and a commitment to ongoing support. Not afraid of new opportunities or challenges that this ever changing industry can bring, he embarks on each project as any young entrepreneur would, one step at a time; while maintaining the integrity of the brand, that he and his company represent. 

He also takes pride in having established a motivating environment to work in at his Montreal headquarters. In 2013, BARAZIN moved into a new edifice, and half of the team still remains loyal and employed with us since the beginning.